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My Story - About Nicole Green - Cultivate Grace

a little about me...

I'm Nicole Green, a twenty-something, city girl turned country wife, with a deep love for Jesus, a heart for encouraging women, and a passion for writing.

I started blogging at Cultivate Grace to simply share my story for the glory of God.

My hope is that my testimony will encourage women to intentionally pursue a Christ-centered life with faith, simplicity and a whole lot of grace.

once upon a time...

I was born and raised in suburban southern Indiana, a true city girl.

In college, I met my husband through a mutual friend, and three years later, we were married in September 2014. Soon after our wedding, we moved to an old farmhouse in rural Indiana - something I never dreamed I would do! A city girl learning the country lifestyle has been quite the adventure...

But I have fallen in love with our new lifestyle.

Throughout our first years of marriage, we have discovered ways of simpler living that have completely changed everything I thought I knew growing up in the city.

Instead of running to the store for all of our grocery needs, we started a vegetable garden and now grow a lot of our own food. Instead of walking on a treadmill at the gym, I can literally walk with God through the countryside.

Our rural lifestyle brings peace & serenity, and I have never felt closer to God than in the quietness of the country.

I am learning to focus on what matters most by turning back to a lifestyle based on simplicity.

why i write

It's simple really. . . Keeping a journal & writing are lifelong passions of mine.

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve kept a journal. There's just something I deeply love about memories and having written pages to look back on a time in your life. Now I have a box full of journals overflowing with thoughts, dreams, and happenings from my childhood.

To this day, I keep a journal for connecting with God, untangling my thoughts, tracing the path of God's faithfulness, and cultivating a love for memories.

During college, I discovered the trend of online blogging. I wrote a student blog for my university for two years, as I traveled to Europe, studied business, and joined the ballroom dance team. It was called “Dancing Through Life,” and I absolutely loved sharing stories of my college experiences.

I had every intent of continuing my blog after college. But you know how life just happens and suddenly it's been three years since you graduated. . .There just never seemed to be enough time for blogging. And to be honest, I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to write about anyway.

That is, until recently, when God placed firmly on my heart that He wanted me to share my story.

I knew without a doubt that He was calling me to write about what He is teaching me and to encourage other women in their own walk with Christ.

So I did.

I started this blog as a leap of faith and an act of obedience to the Lord. 

The Cultivate Grace blog is the story of life as I knew it turned upside down by grace. A story of God's love & faithfulness in each and every moment. 

our farmhouse journey

Around the same time, my husband and I purchased our dream property and began the journey of cultivating our forever home.

It's been an incredible ride already, with ups and downs I never expected, and along the way, I realized this part of my story should be shared too.

You see, my husband, C, and I aren't your typical twenty-somethings. In fact, we're probably the most non-typical millennials you'll find.

We long to live a simpler life -- one with Jesus at the center, with each other and our children (some day :)) by our side, a small farm to enjoy, and a beautiful farmhouse to call home. All with as little debt as possible.

Maybe that sounds a bit crazy. . . . and maybe we are crazy! But this is our path and the call God has placed on our lives. I'll be sharing more about that calling and our hearts behind our farmhouse journey on the blog soon.

This is our journey. The real and honest story of how we're building and cultivating our own little farm, and how I'm running hard after Jesus through it all.

I hope you'll enjoy following along, glean something personal from the lessons we're learning, and be encouraged and uplifted by the stories of how God is at work in EVERY MOMENT of this journey we're all walking with Him.

In His Grace,