10 Best Gift Ideas for Christian Women

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Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you're enjoying preparing for the holiday this week. I am so excited for the upcoming holidays! This year is going to be extra special for me during the holiday season. I am celebrating the freedom to join my family at every gathering, instead of working in a retail store! God is good. <3

Today, I wanted to share a simple gift guide of the 10 best gift ideas for the Christian women on your list this year! The first five are products that I have personally used and loved, so I know they will make great gifts. And the second half of the list are items on MY wish list this year!

Gift Guide 2016 - Cultivate Grace Blog

Click each title for how to purchase the item. I may earn a small commission on your order, at no extra cost to you. But, these are all products I love and highly recommend, & the commission I earn helps me keep Cultivate Grace open to encourage & inspire you!

1 | Make It Happen by Lara Casey

Probably one of my favorite inspirational authors of all time, Lara Casey is a Christian entrepreneur, wife, mother, and encourager. This book dives deep into her story and how she has relentlessly pursued God's path for her life, even when she couldn't see the next step. Such an inspiring story that I just might break it out for another read!

2 | Women Living Well by Courtney Joseph

My husband surprised me with this book as a Christmas gift last year. At first, I was a bit skeptical because the tagline is "Find Your Joy in God, Your Man, Your Kids, and Your Home" and we don't have kids yet. But I decided to give it a try anyway, and I am so glad I did! To be honest, this book gave me a new perspective on daily life. Courtney provides beautiful guidance on growing as a wife, mother, and disciple of Christ. Another one I would read again!

War Room image - Cultivate Grace - Gift Guide

This journal is one of my favorite ways to connect more deeply with God during my morning quiet time. I found these journals a couple of years ago and I am continually inspired by the beauty of each new season's covers (check out the new Winter collection!).

I recommend the 90-day version, not only because it's enough to take you through an entire season, but because the shorter entries (just two pages per day) are less intimidating! I've found myself much more excited to break out my LLB journal with the shorter entries.

Plus, Gretchen Saffles has a beautiful heart for the Lord. She is such an inspiration to learn from!

4 | God's Not Dead 2

An inspiring story about standing up for your faith, God's Not Dead 2 is a movie I highly recommend watching. It truly had me digging deep to ask myself if I would be so brave in a similar situation. This movie will challenge and inspire your faith! And since you're getting the sequel to the original God's Not Dead, I found a value pack that includes both movies for a better price! Bonus points for the gift giver ;)

5 | War Room

THIS is the movie that inspired my personal prayer life and also inspired one of my most popular blog posts - How to Create Your Own War Room. It tells the story of a discouraged wife and mother as she explores her faith and begins a journey with God in prayer. Amazing things come from prayer! This is one to add to your collection at home because of the encouraging and inspirational value it offers.

6 | The Broken Way by Ann Voskamp

I know I've gushed about Ann Voskamp before, but she has such a beautiful way with words! Her story and her perspective on faith compel me to keep reading every one of her books. I am confident this one will be no different.

Emily Ley has the cutest kids. Period. They are seriously so precious & such a testament to God's faithfulness! I would imagine she shares her story in this book, but if not, please read her blog. Emily has such a sweet, encouraging heart. I can't wait to dive into Grace Not Perfection!

8 | PowerSheets by Lara Casey

Another one by Lara Casey! Every year, I follow her goal-setting blog series, but an even better version of that is her PowerSheets. These are goal-setting guides that really help you identify what matters most and map out how to accomplish your goals. Perfect for the Christian entrepreneur and for aspiring business owners. They sell out every year - so order these early!

9 | Faithbox

I've only heard about Faithbox, but it sounds like an awesome gift idea! This is from their website: "Faithbox is a monthly subscription box for Christians that sends meaningful reflections, scriptures, and great products from companies with Christian ideals." Pretty cool, huh? And to make it even cooler, they partner with an organization called Rice Bowls that provides 3 meals to hungry kids for every box you purchase! Wow. I love supporting organizations like this!

P.S. They have a limited edition Christmas Faithbox that provides 7 meals!!

10 | Whole 30 guide

Raise your hand if 2017 is FINALLY going to be your year to get healthy! Me. Too. I am so ready to take better care of my body and have more energy each day. As women, self-care is so important. In fact, the Bible even tells us to practice better self-care!

Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies. 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

I've search high and low for the best meal planning system or diet plan. And I've settled on Whole30. My husband and I are beginning this in early January (not on New Year's day though - I need time to read my cookbook! :) Will you join us??) This Whole30 Guide is the perfect gift for the woman who is ready to make a fresh start and commit to her health for real this year!

Best Gifts for Christian Women - Cultivate Grace - Christmas Gift Guide 2016

Dear friends, I hope you've found some inspiration for the Christian women on your list this year. Or maybe you'll be doing some personal shopping! ;) These are all gifts I have either received or would love to receive this year! So, what's on your Christmas list? Is it something I mentioned here, or do you have another idea that should have made the list? I can't wait to hear from you!

Happy Holidays!