3 Amazing Must-Have Resources For Bible Study Topics

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The one thing that has held me back from consistent bible study time and time again is simply knowing where to start!

It really doesn't work to just flip open the bible to any page and start reading.

One of my spiritual gifts is administration, which means I like to be organized - so being intentional about what I'm studying is important to me!

Over time, I've come to love these 3 resources as my favorites for following along with bible studies.

It's my hope that they will help guide you, too!

Bible Study Resources - Cultivate Grace

1 | She Reads Truth (www.shereadstruth.com)

She Reads Truth is a community of women reading the Word of God together every day. And it's just as amazing as it sounds!

I first discovered this sweet community in the fall of 2014.

I had recently gotten married and began my career in retail. Life was a little hectic, and I just didn't have time to attend a regular bible study group.

I honestly can't remember how I happened across She Reads Truth (SRT), but it must have been a God thing, because these reading plans are truly wonderful!

The SRT team selects topics to study in reading plans. The reading plans vary in length, depending on the subject and the season. They provide a carefully curated selection of scripture and a devotional written by the SRT staff or a guest writer for each day.

Sometimes it only takes about 5 minutes to read, sometimes it can be longer.

It really just depends how much time you want to devote to it. You can just read the scripture and the devotion. Or you can keep reading through the comments.

That's one of my favorite parts - I can almost always gain more insight from the beautiful women in the SRT community!

If you want to dig even deeper, there are study books for every reading plan. However, the study book isn't necessary. Every plan is available free on their website.

But there's also an app for your phone, and you can get the plans for a small fee there too! This is my favorite way to keep up with the reading plans.

The She Reads Truth ministry has grown over the past 3 years into a full family affair, with He Reads Truth reading plans and Kids Read Truth resources.

It truly is a beautiful thing, and I highly recommend checking it out!

2 | First 5 (www.first5.org)

First 5 is a bible study app created by Proverbs 31 Ministries and Lysa TerKeurst. I have only been using this app for a little while, but I really love the idea behind it.

One thing that has been constantly on my heart this year is to put God first, as the number one priority in my life.

Sometimes that's easier said than done, though, because what's the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

Six days out of seven (at least), I'm guessing you reach for your phone. So instead of checking email or scrolling Facebook or Instagram, why not spend the first 5 minutes of your day with God?

That's exactly what the First 5 app does. It has a short devotional for you each morning. You can even set an alarm through the app, so you can literally wake up to God's Word!

The First 5 team selects topics and books of the Bible to create reading plans. Each day, you read a short portion of scripture and a devotional written by one of the women on the First 5 Writing Team.

Respond and engage with the First 5 Community and make notes in the My Moments section.

There's always the option to dig deeper with more videos on the topics, as well as an Experience Guide that can be purchased for each reading plan. 

I'm excited to see how God begins to transform my mornings through devoting the First 5 minutes of my day to Him.

“We must exchange whispers with God before shouts with the world.” Lysa TerKeurst

3 | DaySpring (www.dayspring.com)

DaySpring is a Christian company that provides resources to help you Live Your Faith.

It's a wonderful place to find Bibles, devotionals, & books. One of my favorites is the Jesus Calling series.

Their online website has an incredible collection of bibles to select from, as well as popular Christian books. I love browsing through their journal collection too, as they have so many different kinds!

And if you enjoy bible journaling, you're going to love the Illustrated Faith collection!

They have Devotional Kits that include an inspiring devotional message and bible journaling supplies (washi tape, stamps, cut outs, stickers, and more!). And they're absolutely GORGEOUS!

Personally, I'm thinking about getting this Illustrated Faith Starter Kit and learning how to do bible journaling!

With hundreds of products designed to encourage your faith, it's not hard to reach the $50 free shipping offer. DaySpring has everything from books and bibles to home decor, jewelry, and gifts.

Let me know what your favorite new find is from DaySpring in the comments below!


Every week, I like to share a quick action step that is designed to help you simplify various aspects of your life. This week, I challenge you to select and commit to ONE new bible study resource for the next 30 days.

Maybe you'll choose to join in the next She Reads Truth study plan. Or perhaps you'll devote the First 5 minutes of your day to God. Or maybe you'll even become a bible journaler with DaySpring and Illustrated Faith.

For me, I'm committing to the First 5 app each day for the next month. I can't wait to watch my relationship with the Lord grow during this time!

What will you choose? Comment below!

In His Grace,