The Secret 3-Step Strategy To Create More Peace In Your Life And Business

If you ever have a conversation with me, I’ll probably mention the term simplicity at least once during our chat. In fact, SIMPLIFY is my word for 2016! I believe it’s truly that important. But why?

Simplicity Changes Everything

Because simplicity changes everything. Here’s what I mean:


Does trying to do #AllTheThings leave you feeling overwhelmed in your business AND your life? Me too.

That’s why when you simplify your business process, whether it’s your social media schedule or your content creation or your client onboarding system, you are taking those burdens off your shoulders!

Tip #1 - Start by choosing your 1 or 2 favorite social media platforms to focus on, and read last week's post for tips on setting an intentional strategy. Less pressure means less stress, which means more peace!


Did you know that only a small portion of your to-do list actually makes you money? I learned this recently and once I took a closer look, I realized it’s true!

When you narrow down your to-do list to only the most profitable tasks, you at once become more productive and therefore more profitable! Plus, increased efficiency means more time for what matters most beyond your business <3

Tip #2 - Take a look at your to-do list for today. What are the top 2-3 tasks for you to complete today? Ask yourself what would happen if you DIDN’T do the rest of your list today.


Are you longing for more clarity in your business? Simplicity just might be the key!

As you begin to simplify your social media and your to-do list, you’ll get more clear on your true purpose & passion. The good news with this is that suddenly all of your decisions become simple (see what I did there? ;) because you’ll just run them through a filter of your priorities.

Tip #3 - Try this:  Make a list of your 3 highest business priorities (e.g. content creation, current clients, engagement). Now, run your to-do list through this filter & you should have a better idea of where to focus first!

Create More Peace

Simplicity Challenge

So, where will you begin to simplify your business? Or maybe your life outside of business? 

Every week, I like to share a quick action step that is designed to help you simplify various aspects of your life or business. Today's action step really is simple:  choose one tip above and make it happen! Let me know in the comments what tip you think will help the most!