What It Really Means To Let Go & Let God

I don't know about you, but Holy Week is one of my favorite weeks of the entire year.

And just between us, I might like it even better than Christmas :) :)

Why? Because we've just spent the past 40 days reflecting on the life of Christ and our deep need for Him.

And this week feels closer to Him than ever before.

Reading the bible stories about the week leading up to Christ's crucifixion during THIS WEEK two thousand years ago somehow makes me feel so much closer to the actual events.

A few weeks ago, I was slowed down by a need to focus on my health. For an entire week, I spent my days either in a doctor's office or in bed with intense headaches and TMJ pain. 

I'm on the mend now, but somehow it's a different story...

And that's the story I want to share with you today - the story of how I learned what it really means to "Let go, and let God."

What It Really Means to Let Go & Let God - Cultivate Grace

For all of this Lenten season, there's been one word on my heart:



In fact, I made it my focal word for this season. Because until recently, I really couldn't grasp the meaning of surrendering to God.
How do you truly give it all to him?

I begged God to reveal to me how to find that peace and comfort in giving Him my all, my everything. And to forgive me for not being able to readily do it...

I realized during my week of rest that it happens in your heart.

All of those things, people, titles, careers, dreams we cling to & hold tightly to our chests... 
God wants to take care of them for us. 

He can take our burdens & our worries off our shoulders, but he can also take care of our dreams & our loved ones better than we ever could. 

Because you see, that's the thing: 

God can do SO MUCH MORE than we can even imagine...

...if we just let go...

I wish I could tell you there's an easy way to do this.

But really, it's going to be completely up to you...

My advice is to stay close to God in prayer, write your fears & all that you hold close and need to let go in a journal, and sit quietly in God's presence.

Imagine holding all you love dearly in an outstretched hand. Release your tight grip and watch as the Lord takes the lead. 

But don't forget to look at your other hand...

Jesus is still there, holding tight to your hand.
He'll never leave you. 

Remember this verse today, as you're learning to let go: 

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. Hebrews 13:8

What do you need to let go and let God have today?

Comment below & let me know, sweet sister.

Praying blessings over your Easter & your journey to letting go <3

In His Grace,