My Secret to A Purposeful & Organized Week

In an effort to keep track of things, I have a planner in my purse, a family calendar hanging on the fridge, a schedule at work, a monthly workout calendar taped to the wall, a weekly cleaning plan pinned to Pinterest, and a reading plan folded into my Bible. It has been overwhelming to say the least. Maybe you can relate? All of these organization methods are great in and of themselves. But I've found that together they create more chaos in my life than simplicity.

Today, I am sharing my secret to a purposeful, organized week. It's actually a lot more simple than you would think! By using my weekly planning guide (including a free printable!), you'll easily plan for the week ahead and organize four important areas of your life.

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Start by grabbing your FREE Ultimate All-in-One Weekly Planner at the end of this post. Print it out, and you're ready to get started! Let's see what you'll want to plan out for this week.


Begin by listing your family's activities for the week in the first column, under each day. Be sure to include sporting events, doctor's appointments, and church activities.


Plan healthy, easy-to-fix meals for the week ahead. I always start by making a list of what we already have on hand. What meals can I make with those ingredients? Then I turn to a resource like for some new, delicious meal ideas. Make a grocery list for the rest of the items you'll need, and plan to shop just one time this week. Actually, I love it when I take the time to plan two weeks ahead of time. That's only 2 grocery trips per month!


This may be the least fun part of planning your week, but it's really necessary! Choose one household chore per day. Be sure to consider your daily activities and choose a reasonable task for the amount of time you'll have that day. Here's my Clean Routine:

  • Sunday - REST
  • Monday - Dust
  • Tuesday - Bathroom
  • Wednesday - Kitchen
  • Thursday - Living Room
  • Friday - Vacuum
  • Saturday - Laundry

Some days are MUCH easier than others, but that's because I know my workload or activities are greater on those days. Enlist your kids to help with the Clean Routine in your house! Hang your Weekly Planner on the fridge, and make it fun for them to help you check off the Clean column each day.


I have found that the best way to actually get myself to exercise is to plan my workouts ahead of time. That's why there's a column for exercise, because I believe it will help you too! Haven't we all finished a long day of work to find zero motivation to exercise? It is SO easy to skip a workout if you aren't prepared. But by writing it down ahead of time, there is no excuse for forgetting to grab your gym bag. Just check your Weekly Planner before heading out the door! I usually try to mix up my workout routine with various exercise videos. My favorite resource is Faithful Workouts - and it's free!

Bible Study

Here is a great place to track the verses you're reading this week. Have you ever started a year-through-the-Bible reading plan, only to get off track by the time you've read through Genesis? Me too. Use this tool to hold yourself accountable. My best advice is to not try to tackle too much. My husband and I actually are reading the Bible with a two-year plan. It's much more manageable for us! Do whatever works best for you, even if that means reading one Psalm per day. Spend time in the Word daily, and I guarantee your week will feel more purposeful.

Ready for your most organized week ever?

Get yours FREE below print it out, fill it in, and hang it on the fridge. Check off what you complete (I love that part!) and revise as you go. Don't be afraid to scribble and be messy. Purpose is better than perfection.

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I can't wait to hear what you think of the Ultimate All-in-One Weekly Planner! Let me know in the comments below, or send me a message if you have ideas for making it even more purposeful!