How I Overcame My Fear of Praying Out Loud

I spent years afraid to pray in front of others.

Fear kept me from praying with friends when I could tell they really needed it.
Fear kept me from praying at family gatherings.
Fear even kept me from praying with my future husband, even when our relationship really needed it.
Fear kept my walk with God stagnant.

Fear is a tool used by Satan to keep us far from God. He knows that the more time we spend communing with God, the easier we can stand against his advances.

Ephesians 6:11 says, "Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil."

The enemy hates when we grow closer to God and will work harder at that point to instill fear.

Today, I want to encourage you to not believe his lies. If you have a fear of praying out loud, or even if you're just unsure what to say in a verbal prayer, keep reading!

I'm sharing my story of how I overcame my fear of praying out loud, in the hopes that you too can grow in your walk and relationship with the Lord.

How I Overcame My Fear of Praying Out Loud - Cultivate Grace

Perhaps the biggest lesson I've learned is this:  

Prayer takes practice

It took my husband holding me accountable to start praying aloud. Not growing up in a church or around people who pray aloud regularly, I simply didn't have experience with it.

And to be honest, my biggest fear was that I would sound silly.

But having my husband keep telling me to just go for it made all the difference.

If you don't have someone to do that for you, let me be the one to encourage you to be brave! Take that first step. You can do it!

My husband and I spent almost 2 years of our marriage not praying together. Imagine what we could have accomplished had we been in prayer during that time.

Imagine what God can accomplish in YOUR life if you started praying out loud RIGHT. NOW.


God is faithful, and early this year, we started praying before meals, taking turns.

At first, I actually really disliked it. But my husband insisted that I take my turn without complaint.

Slowly, I am getting better and not stumbling over my words so much. It was embarrassing at first, because I had never prayed aloud before.

But my husband was patient. He encouraged me to keep practicing. I'm getting better now!

My fear isn't so bad, and I'm praying bigger prayers at dinner time. In fact, I find myself praying BIG prayers throughout the day too!

I think that's the most beautiful part of this journey. God isn't just teaching me how to pray out loud before a meal. 

He's teaching me to trust him more and more and MORE with every part of my day, my life, and my heart.

Simplicity Challenge

Every week, I like to share a quick action step that is designed to help you simplify various aspects of your life. This week, I challenge you to pray out loud before dinner tonight.

Whether that's with your kids, with your husband, or by yourself, I encourage you to take a step of faith.

Be brave & pray BIG prayers! Ask God to crush your fears and give you the words to say aloud.

It'll feel crazy and awkward at first, but that's okay!

Give yourself grace, laugh without fear, and give it all to God. I know you can do this, sister! <3

In His Grace,