4 Ways Choosing Social Media Free Weekends Will Change Your Life

I am thrilled for the upcoming launch of my blog THIS Friday!!! I've been busy prepping my website and writing posts like a madwoman. But, there's been something tugging at the back of my mind... A still small voice, if you will, asking me how will I create balance between blogging and life with my husband?

I know myself pretty well. It would be so easy to allow myself to use every spare moment to promote my blog on social media and focus on creating community. Since I am working a full time job, too, those spare moments would most likely come from my weekends. That still small voice has been reminding me that in order to be more intentional with my time, I need to choose social media free weekends.

4 Ways Choosing Social Media Free Weekends Will Change Your Life

I first learned about social media free weekends from Lara Casey (I absolutely love her post on creating boundaries here). Basically, you have to make the decision to log off social media (yes, all of it) for Friday night, Saturday and Sunday. If that sounds really hard, you are absolutely right, it is. I'm actually not sure that I've ever done it successfully for a full weekend.

But, I've decided that it's important to me to be intentional with the time I have on the weekends with my husband. Here are 4 reasons why:

Weekends have real meaning to me.

I spent the first few years of my career as a retail manager. While I loved what I did and the people I worked with, I spent many, many hours working. I had to work every other weekend, often until late night hours. I missed out on A LOT. There were countless family gatherings and events that I couldn't go to because I was working.

Once I left that work schedule behind me, I determined that I never again wanted to say "I have to work" in response to a weekend invitation. So I am choosing to unplug on the weekends, so that I can soak in all those memories and always remember the deep appreciation I have for weekends with my husband.

Unplugging creates margin on the weekends.

Have you heard the phrase "white space" before? It refers to the open blocks of time on your schedule. Most of us these days don't have a lot of white space on our calendars. And when we do, it's filled by screen-time on social media. I am guilty of that far more often than I'd like to admit.

Just think for a second of how much time you probably spend on social media every weekend... I'm guessing mine is close to 4 hours or more. Unplug from social media and that time becomes margin. The possibilities (and potential for creating lasting memories) are endless. I can't help but think of the laundry list of tasks I could get done during that time - laundry included! And not only household chores would get done, but there's so many things I could do for myself, like read a book or even paint my nails! The best part is the time to focus on my marriage - which makes unplugging so worth it.

Creating blogging routines from the very beginning is important to me.

There are simple routines I plan to implement as I begin blogging, like posting every Wednesday morning and rotating the categories I write about each week. Those are easy in my mind and they just make sense to build a successful blog. But, just like that still small voice reminded me, it's equally important to create routines that balance my life, too.

For me, that means choosing social media free weekends. I know it's going to be SO tempting to check Instagram every 15 minutes to see if I have any new followers or how many people liked my most recent post. But I know my worth comes from something (Someone) much greater than the approval of people on social media. God made us each unique and created us with a purpose in mind. Obsessively checking social media all weekend leads me to forget that.

So, perhaps the most important blogging routine I will implement starting this weekend is unplugging from social media Friday night through Sunday.

Setting up our lives with the future in mind.

My husband and I don't have children yet, but we're already praying that the Lord will grant us that blessing at some point down the road. And if He does, it will be so important to me to be fully present in their lives. I absolutely don't want the obsession with social media to cause me to miss out on making precious memories with my husband and children.

That's why I'm choosing social media free weekends - to intentionally plan for our future.

This weekend will be the first of many social media free weekends for me. Will you join me? My simplicity challenge to you this week is to unplug from social media for one whole weekend. Here are some tips to help you succeed:

  1. Log out of all social media apps on your phone - you can even delete them if you know it will still be tempting to log back in. (Just download them back on Monday!)
  2. Tell your spouse (or close friend) what you're doing - they can help hold you accountable! If you know someone might catch you, you're less likely to cheat ;)
  3. Make a list of everything you would do if you had more time - and then do them! This weekend is going to be so freeing once you realize how much margin you've created.
  4. Comment here when you've completed the challenge! I can't wait to hear how your first social media free weekend goes.

Here's to more weekends lived on purpose!