the intentional pursuit of a christ-centered life

If you're longing for a place to grow in your faith, learn to live and love well, and perhaps even start a blog of your own, then you're going to love it here!

Cultivate Grace was created in a leap of faith to follow a dream God placed on my heart in 2016 to see women intentionally pursue Christ-centered lives.

Cultivate Faith & Simplicity

The word "cultivate" means to improve or develop by careful attention, training, or study. It also means to prepare and to raise or assist the growth of, as in gardening or farming.

To me, "cultivate" is a symbol of the work God is doing in us as we pursue a relationship with Him. It also portrays the intentional action we're taking to grow in our faith, simplify our lives and create ministry through blogging.

Grace & Joy

Grace is one of my favorite words, and in Christianity it's defined as the free and unmerited favor of God. There's so much more to this idea of "grace" and I can't wait to explore it together. Be sure to stop by the Cultivate Grace Community, where studies like this will take place!

Intentional Pursuit

I believe that action taken on purpose is how we make progress on our goals. The main goal of Cultivate Grace is to help women pursue a Christ-centered life. Through intentional growth in our faith, intentional living and intentional daily action, the women of this community are working toward that goal together!

I am so glad you're here!

This journey is meant to be taken with a community of sisters-in-Christ. And I'm so glad you're here! Ready to get started? Click on one of the links below.